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Change general layout settings and devices breakpoints

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In this quick guide you will learn how to change general layout settings and devices breakpoints.

Layout Settings

The Elementor Page Builder comes with some default layout settings like content width, space between widgets. To do this edit any page with Elementor to access the settings.

Navigate to hamburger menu in the top part of Elementor builder. Click on Site settings and then find Layout settings. Adjust the values to fit your needs.


It is a common case when your design can not fit into the default breakpoint setup and you need to change the resolutions on which your website changes for tablet and mobile devices.


In order to change breakpoints values go to Elementor builder. You can access it by edit any page. Navigate to editor top sidebar area where a hamburger button is placed. Click on it and then go to Site Settings. In the Settings area click on Layout section and then open Breakpoints panel.


For the moment the default breakpoint for tablet is 1025px and for mobile devices is 768px. For every device with resolution between Mobile and Tablet breakpoints values a tablet layout will be active. For every device with resolution larger than Tablet breakpoint value a desktop layout will be active.

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