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Install plugin

We are using Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields plugin in order to create custom post types. If you have not installed the plugin yet, please follow the guide How to install plugin.

Create new post type

Go to Pods Admin -> Add new to create new custom post type. On the next screen you have two options – either to create new or to extend existing post type. Select “Create New”.

Enter the content type data. Select “Custom Post Type (like Posts or Pages)” for Content Type. If you need to create a taxonomy like Categories or Tags, please select the select the appropriate.

After selecting the Content Type, enter Singular and Plural labels.

After creating the new content type, you have some additional settings you can play with according your needs. Check “Admin UI” and “Advanced Options” tabs.

Manage fields

According your needs you can create many fields for the newly created post type. Let say we have “Projects” post type and want to add fields like description, gallery, url, client. Repeat the steps below in order to create all the post type fields you need.

Select “Manage Fields” tab, click on “Add Field” button and you will see the basic field settings.

Click on “Additional Field Options” for extra field settings. Change the values for your needs.

Create new post

After you have created all the content type fields you are ready for your first custom post type post! Check the main WordPress sidebar for your custom post type menu and click on “Add New” button.

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