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Elementor has three main building blocks: Sections, Columns, and Widgets.

Sections are the largest building blocks and work like rows. Columns are inside of sections and are used to wrap the widgets. All the builder elements are called widgets and they should be placed inside of the columns.

Every section, column or widgets has multiple controls and settings which you can play with in order to realize your design ideas.

Create and Edit Section

To create a Section click the icon plus, to attach Template, Page or Block click the icon folder.

Select your structure – one, two, three or more columns with same or different width. The width of each column has a responsive control and could be additionally adjusted for desktop, tablet or mobile devices. 

With right click on the handle you can edit, duplicate, copy, reset or delete the section.

How to Use Column

Set the columns width. You can do it under Layout -> Column Width, or drag the dashed line between the columns. In the Layout section you will find additional settings for alignment, space between the widgets in the column.


Under advanced tab you will find options for margin and padding, responsive settings to hide or show the column on specific devices, some motion effects and many more.

Meet the right click to easily edit, copy, duplicate, add new or delete the column.

Insert Widgets to your columns – when you find the widget you need you can insert it with drag and drop to the column.

How to Use Widgets

Insert widgets inside your columns. The default widget width fills the entire column width unless you set the widget to be an inline element. You can find that settings under Advanced tab -> Positioning and set the Width to inline. In the advanced tab for every widget you will also find settings for background, borders, motion effects which you can play with.

Set up your widgets – when you click on the widget you can set up the content and style. Every widget has its own controls which are placed under Content and Style tab. A device icon close to the option label means that this control has responsive options, so you can set a different value for different devices. In the preview below you can align the text to left for desktop and center the text for mobile devices.

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