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How to create a contact form with WPForms Plugin

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Go to WordPress admin panel. On dashboard sidebar navigate to HQ Widgets for Elementor > 3rd Party Widgets. Ensure WPForms option is turned on.

On dashboard sidebar navigate to WPForms > Add New > Simple Contact Form. You can create whatever form you like – newsletter, contact form, etc.

Name you form and hit save in the top right. Now you can easily set up the message that goes to your email via the form (from Settings > Notifications) and add or remove fields and customize them.

Add the HQ WPForms widget to the Elementor Page.

Click on WPForms widget to open edit options. Under Content tab -> WP Form section select the form you want to be displayed on the page.

Under Style tab you will find a lot of options to customize your form and make it looks the way you want. You can style labels, input fields, checkboxes, submit button.

Required Plugin

HQ Widgets for Elementor

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