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How to create popup

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The feature is available in Marmot PRO version only. If you still do not have it you can upgrade your plan or get the premium version.


HQ Popups for Elementor is part of Мarmot Enhancer Pro plugin.

Create popup

After you have installed and activated Marmot Enhancer Pro plugin you will see new menu in the main WordPress admin navigation called “Popups”. Navigate to Popups, click “Ädd New Popup” and enter a title for your popup.

Display settings

After you have entered title scroll down to the section “Display Settings”, where you can set single or couple of conditions to display your popup on your website. You have a bunch of actions and options you can play with in order to display the popup exactly where you need it.

You can choose between showing up the popup on particular pages or posts, categories, archives, post types. You can also set to exclude the popup if any condition is met.

Design your popup

Here is the main part of creating your stunning and stylish popup. We are using Elementor builder to design popups and set and configure additional options, so after you have set popup title and display settings (you can set it later if you want) click on “Edit with Elementor” button load the builder.

Popup Settings

Before start building your popup content please get familiar with all the available settings and styles. Click on the Document Settings button in the bottom left corner of Elementor Builder and let’s walk together through the options.

Click on “Settings” section to expand the options. You will find container position and entrance animation options as well as responsive controls – show or hide the popup on different devices. In this section you will find the trigger event for showing up the popup. You can choose between open the popup on page load with some delay, after user inactivity, on page scrolled or scroll to particular selector, on user exit intend and more. You can choose either to show the popup once or repeatedly with some time interval.

In the “Close” settings section you will find options for close button, options to dismiss the popup as well as ability trigger an event after closing the popup. You can set redirect to another page, scroll to particular selector or open another popup with delay.

Popup Styles

If you click on “Style” tab you will find settings for popup container sizes and other styling options you can play with. There are placed options for the close button (if you haven’t decided to disable it) and popup overlay.

Popup content

After you have set all the popup triggers and settings you can continue with the popup content. Drag and drop your favorite widgets into the popup container and let go your imagination. You can place text, images, forms.. in fact everything you need.

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