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How to import Marmot demo

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Marmot theme comes with а library of premade websites, ready to be imported with a single click. We have created wide range of demos related to different niches – blog, business, e-commerce, portfolio, restaurant, various services, personal trainers and more. Some of them are free, some of them are paid and need a Marmot PRO version. 


All you need to import a ready site is to have Marmot theme activated on your WordPress installation.

Import a ready website using theme setup wizard

When you activate Marmot theme for the first time there will be a notice heading you to visit theme dashboard page, where you will find a useful information regarding the theme and required plugins to enable the included features. Just click the button and follow the guide.

On the top of theme dashboard probably you will be noticed regarding required plugins in order to unlock theme features like importing a ready-to-use website with a single click.


Yes, you need HQTheme Extra plugin. It is required for the fully functioning of the theme as well as for some other our plugins like HQ Widgets for Elementor – a bundle of powerful widgets for Elementor. After you install and activate HQTheme Extra you will be asked to go through a theme wizard – a step-by-step guide to complete the setup. If you decide to take advantage of the wizard – click the button.

Install Recommended Plugins

On the first step you will find a list of required plugins. The first one is HQTheme Extra and probably you already have it installed. Another must-plugin is Elementor – a powerful page builder which is used for creating of our demo websites. Make sure you have installed and activated all the required plugins and go to the next step.

Enter Purchase License

Next step is activating the license. A valid license will enable more features, more pre-made websites and access to all premium plugins. If you already have a license key you can insert it or upgrade your plan if you are using the Marmot free version.

You can skip this step, if do not plan to use pro features and premium demos.

Import Demo

There it is. Importing pre-made demo is the best and easiest way to build your website with a single click. Click on the button to visit the ready-demos library.

You can quick preview all of the available websites and choose which one the best fits your needs. We constantly work on creating new demos with unique design and features.

When you preview a demo there are options in the left sidebar before you start importing. You can install and activate plugins included in the demo, you can also import content and customizer settings. In order to have fully working website we strongly recommend to check all of the options.

If you are using Marmot free version and try to import a premium website you will be asked for a valid license. Otherwise all you need to do is just to click on import button and wait the importing process until the end.

After the import is completed you will have a fully working website with demo content, which you can easily edit, update or remove.


In case of trouble do not hesitate to contact us to get help.

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