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How to use Elementor panel

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Top line of Elementor panel

Top line of Elementor panel contains two toggle buttons. From the hamburger button on the left side you can access the site settings like global colors, global fonts, form elements and button settings. The right button opens a list with all the available widgets you can use with the page builder by drag and drop to the editor.

Bottom line of Elementor panel
From left to right you can find the following sections and tools:
  1. Settings – general page / template settings;
  2. Navigator for quick access to the page blocks;
  3. History of your changes;
  4. Responsive Mode – switch to different devices and set up your page for all of them;
  5. Preview changes – view the changes you made of your page;
  6. Update – save and publish your changes;
  7. Arrow button to choose whether to save your page as draft or template.

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