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With the power of Elementor Page Builder you can easily set up your site to looks great on different devices.

Elementor Builder device switch

By changing the responsive mode you can preview how your page or template will looks like on the particular resolution. The responsive mode button is placed in the bottom line of left Elementor panel. 

Some widget’s controls have responsive options, which allow you to set different values for different resolutions. For example you can set padding for some element to 50px for desktop devices and 20px for mobile devices.

Hide section or column on mobile and tablet

Click to edit the Section or Column you want to hide on particular devices.

Go to Advanced tab > Responsive and look for “Visibility” section. There you will find switch button to hide the element for desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Reverse columns in section on tablet and mobile devices

Let say you have section with two columns inside. On the left side you have image and on the right side you have text. But you want to reverse the image and text on tablet or mobile.

In order to do this edit the section, navigate to Advanced tab > Responsive section. There you will find switch buttons to reverse the columns for specific devices.

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