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Set up default colors and fonts

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Before you start creating website with Elementor from the scratch it is good practice to first setup the colors and typography you are going to use with your design.

Set Global Colors and Fonts

To access the global settings you need to open Elementor Page Builder. The easiest way to do this is to edit any page or template of your site with Elementor. After the editor is loaded navigate to the top left part of editor, click on the hamburger menu and then click on Site Settings button. There you will find Global Colors and Global Fonts settings. We suggest you after you save global settings to refresh the browser in order these settings to apply and load properly into the editor.

Use Global Colors and Fonts

After you have set the global colors and fonts it is time to use them. Most of the widgets have settings for text color, background, borders, typography where you can use the global settings. In order to apply global color or font edit a widget. In our example we will use Text Editor widet. In its options under Style tab you will find Text Color and Typography. Click on the globe icon and select a global setting.

By using global colors and fonts, if you change the global settings you will also change every widget which use these global settings. This is really nice and useful feature of Elementor. Enjoy it!

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