Install & Setup Marmot Theme – Step by Step Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will show you how easy and fast is to install and set up the Marmot theme. Setup for free and PRO versions are almost identical. We also have detailed documentation if you need more info or a sophisticated setup. Let’s create the next beautiful website together!

Before you start make sure you have a WordPress website installed and ready for customizations. If you do not know how to set up it, do not worry just check our tutorial on How to Create a Website with SiteGround – Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide

Install Marmot Theme

Marmot theme is available from the official WordPress repository so you can easily install it with a couple of clicks. We have a new website with WordPress installed. Installing and configuring a website with Marmot theme is very easy with its Setup wizard.

NOTE: Installing Marmot theme on the existing website is a little tricky. You have to carefully set up templates before achieving good results. You can find more in our documentation.

Just follow the steps below

Go to your website admin panel > Appearance > Themes and click “Add new” button

In the search bar type “Marmot

Click “Install” button

Click “Activate” button

Marmot theme has a very useful dashboard. It will help you with further setup and additional information.

You can go to the dashboard form Appearance > Marmot or just click on “Marmot Dashboard” in the help box on top. 

NOTE: After installing HQTheme Extra plugin Marmot dashboard will be available from your admin panel main menu.

To use all Marmot features you have to install and activate some plugins. HQTheme Extra is a free plugin specially designed for Marmot theme. It will add some features like one-click demo import, theme options, setup wizard, theme templates helper, upgrade to PRO version and much more.

To install HQTheme Extra click “Install HQTheme Extra” button. After installation is completed button activate will appear. Activate the plugin by clicking the button “Activate”.

After HQTheme Extra activation you come to a Freemius screen where you can opt-in to share some basic information or you can skip the sharing.

NOTE: Freemius is a monetization, analytics and marketing automation platform for digital products developers. We use Freemius to sell Marmot PRO license.

Marmot Theme Setup Wizard

Setup wizard is the easiest and fastest way to setup a website with Marmot theme.

It will guide you smoothly through installing required plugins, activating PRO version (if you need it), importing demo and start customizing your website.

Let’s go to Marmot Theme Dashboard. It is available in your admin panel main navigation.

Then click “Setup Wizard” button.

If you already completed or canceled the wizard, it is always available from admin panel > Marmot > Setup Wizard

First step

Here we will install and activate required plugins by clicking “Install” and then “Activate” buttons.

Second step. This is the license page.

  • Get PRO License” button will send you to buy a license page.
  • Already have a license key” button will help you to activate your already bought PRO license.
  • If you do not need PRO features and demos or you plan to upgrade later, use “Skip this step” button.

Upgrade to Marmot PRO

Upgrading to PRO will give you access to more features, demos and some third-party plugins. Learn more about Marmot PRO here.

To upgrade Marmot go to admin panel > Marmot Theme > Upgrade

Then choose a license and click “Upgrade Now” button.

Fill in your details, choose a payment method and finish the order.

After payment open your email and click the confirmation link.

Now you are using Marmot PRO. All demos and features are unlocked.

Return to Marmot Setup Wizard to finish the setup. From admin panel > Marmot Theme > Setup Wizard

PRO version is active. Click “Next step

Third step. This is the import demo page.

Choose demo website and click “Preview

If you do not need a pre-made website click “Skip this step

When the installation completes success message will appear. Use the “Go to Homepage” button to see your website or the “Close” button to complete the wizard.

After opening the demo website preview you will see details and install button on the left side and preview on the right side. 

Click “Install” button and wait until the installation completes. It will take a couple of minutes.

Demo import is ready click “Next step” button.

Final step. This step contains only information for further customization.