WooCommerce Integration

Extending Marmot Theme elegance to your shop, product pages and checkout

Build your pages visually using Elementor

Shop Home & Archive Pages

Product Page

Beautiful Cart Page

Awesome Checkout Page

Pre-built Ecommerce websites

Widgets for your amazing shop

Woo Add To Cart

Woo Archive Description

Woo Archive Product Add To Cart

Woo Archive Products

Woo Category Image

Woo Notices

Woo Product Add To Cart

Woo Product Additional Information

Woo Product Categories Grid

Woo Product Content

Woo Product Data Tabs

Woo Product Featured Image

Woo Product Images

Woo Product Link

Woo Product Meta

Woo Product Price

Woo Product Rating

Woo Product Related Products Slider

Woo Product Related Products Grid

Woo Product Reviews

Woo Product Short Description

Woo Product Stock

Woo Product Title

Woo Product Upsells Grid

Woo Product Upsells Slider

Woo Products Grid

Woo Products Slider

Woo Cart Table

Woo Cart​

Woo Cart Cross Sell

Woo Cart Totals

Woo Checkout Page

Woo Checkout Form

Woo Checkout Thank You

More Awesome Features

Hide unnecessary checkout fields

Use ‘Shipping address’ as ‘Billing address’ by default

Make the Coupon(s) less prominent

Remove any page distractions

Highlight security and trust seals

Reassure customers their card details are safe

Add customer reviews

Multistep Checkout

Two column layout Checkout Form

Frequently Asked Questions​

How can I use PRO features?

All PRO features are available after activating Marmot PRO theme with license. Then you can activate “WooCommerce Extras” module from admin > appearance >Marmot – Theme Options > Features & Modules.

Can I use Elementor widgets on cart and checkout pages?

Yes! You can use every widget that make sense in order to build cart and checkout pages.

What kind of customizations can I make on checkout page?

You can control fields, make mutli-step checkout page add more info with widgets.

Can I customize cart page

Yes! You can build your own cart page. We are providing some advanced widgets for WooCommerce cart.

Can I customize checkout page

Yes! You can build your own checkout page. We are providing some advanced widgets for WooCommerce checkout.

Have another question?

We will be happy to answer your questions. Just get in touch with us!